Contracts & Terms


The cost of your construction or remodeling project is a major consideration for you. There are several things Janke Construction will do to help reassure you not only that you will receive a quality result, but that you will know and understand the financial terms of the deal.



We evaluate the project and discuss the details with you.  We then follow up with a written bid detailing the materials and work to be performed, and a total cost.  We will go over the bid with you to be sure we have covered all the details of the project and that you are satisfied with the plan.  

Obviously, you will want to get more than one quote on the job.  Our written bid will help you to compare “apples” to “apples” when looking at other bids.  Note that our bid will include any required building permits, insurance, and contingency for unexpected increased material costs.  We adhere to state and local building codes and obtain the necessary inspections.  Be sure any builder you work with provides these safeguards for your project.  With Janke Construction, you can rest assured you are working with an honest contractor who takes care of these important details.




When you select Janke Construction for your project, we will again review the details of the project with you and together we will sign a contract which includes the detailed bid. At that time we will agree upon a starting date, make arrangements for access to the job site, and will discuss other details such as selection of materials, for the project. Your contract, with a detailed description of the job to be performed, is a second assurance you receive from Janke Construction.




Your payment terms will vary depending on the size of the project. We will agree upon the exact payment terms when we sign the contract. As a rule approximately 1/3 of the payment is due upon the start of the project. This is to cover the the cost of materials, permits, and labor for starting the job. Second and subsequent payments will be due at specified milestones. Final payment is due upon completion and final acceptance by the homeowner.



Other Information

Many homeowners make changes to the project along the way after the project has begun.  If you desire to make any changes, we will do an change-order bid and contract to cover that additional work.

Occasionally, as the project progresses, we will discover unexpected issues that need to be addressed but that were not included in your original contract–things like hidden damage to plumbing, or dangerous electrical wiring.  I will bring those issues to your attention and will discuss alternatives available to you.  If the issue is affected by building codes (such as plumbing and electrical issues), we will need to work out a means of correcting the issue.  In such cases when it was impossible to evaluate the situation for the initial bid, there may be some additional costs.  I will do all I can to keep those costs to a minimum.  If the issue is not critical, we will give you some options and you can choose whether or not to have that matter addressed at that time.  We know it’s as important to you and it is to us that the project meet building codes and will pass necessary inspections.