Kitchens are the most remodeled area of the homes we live in. At that, very few rooms see so much activity as your kitchen. An upgraded kitchen is an excellent investment if it’s well designed, is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and is kept within your budget. However, a kitchen remodel can be much more than just upgraded appliances or a new countertop. There are multiple features within your kitchen that can affect the overall appearance including the flooring, lighting, accents, and even layout. So whatever your budget is, Janke Constructions can create a kitchen that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. If your budget allows, we will assist you in designing a kitchen that optimizes the layout and creates more space – literally giving your kitchen a total makeover. Our goal is to produce a kitchen that gives you greater functionality, increases overall efficiency, and puts a smile on your face each time you enter the room. It may even give you some bragging rights. Make your kitchen more practical for cooking, hosting, and entertaining; contact Janke Construction today for a free in-home consultation.



Open Design

Since the 1980’s a kitchen with an open floor plan has been a popular option. This trend is even more popular today with many of us who like to gather family together and entertain guests. With an open floor plan, the kitchen feels less like an individual room and more part of a bigger space; your kitchen will be more of an area to entertain and make interaction more practical. If your kitchen is outdated, feels confining, or you just want more space, contact Janke Construction to set up a free in-home consultation.

Traffic Flow

When remodeling or redesigning a kitchen, traffic flow is a very crucial element and should not be overlooked. Traffic flow within your kitchen is important because it manages how your family will enter, pass-through, and exit this area. Janke Construction has the kitchen designing techniques and expertise to ensure proper traffic flow while creating a beautiful and functional kitchen. We will help you create a kitchen that not only looks good but also allows flow and adequate work space that will benefit you in your daily activities in the kitchen.

Efficient Space

Anyone who has spent time in a kitchen knows how space and its efficiency are essential to a functional room. When remodeling your kitchen, Janke Construction understands this principle and will design a kitchen with efficiency in mind. By utilizing space saving techniques including implementation of islands, counter space layout, cabinets, and pantries, your kitchen will be as efficient and functional as it can be. That’s the power of a kitchen remodel.


One of the biggest mistakes when remodeling your kitchen is not having adequate lighting. Proper lighting can take an ordinary kitchen and turn it into a cheerful area meant for hosting and entertaining. Your kitchen’s lighting can come from elegant decorative lights, recessed lights, or even natural light. Don’t overlook this important step in your kitchen’s remodeling process. A consultation with Janke Construction will explore the various options available to make your kitchen truly wonderful. Schedule a free consultation today.